This package contain binary code of EGCS, GNU, C, C++, Pascal, G77, compilers

**** EGCS 1.1.2, GCC 2.8.1, 2.7.2 & GPC 2.0 **** Qnx4 port release 2.2 ****

**** WARNING **** YOU MUST HAVE Watcom 10.6 allready installed to be able to use EGCS or GNU C, C++, Pascal compilers. Version 2.2 contain, Qnx4.25 ELF gcc/egcs compilers. Release 2.2 CORE: FTP HTTP egcs112-qnx4-r22.tar.gz 13,631,514 bytes (Sep 14 1999) /bin/cksum egcs112-qnx4-r22.tar.gz 1154984826 13631514 egcs112-qnx4-r22.tar.gz Release 2.0 TOOLS: FTP HTTP gnu-tools-r20.tar.gz 1,408,305 bytes (Feb 5 1999) /bin/cksum gnu-tools-r20.tar.gz 896969620 1408305 gnu-tools-r20.tar.gz Release 2.0 INFO: FTP HTTP gnu-info-r20.tar.gz 393,227 bytes (Feb 5 1999) /bin/cksum gnu-info-r20.tar.gz 3132336103 393227 gnu-info-r20.tar.gz Install theses packages with the following commands: # /etc/install -u egcs112-qnx4-r22.tar.gz # zcat gnu-tools-r20.tar.gz | pax -rv # zcat gnu-info-r20.tar.gz | pax -rv GCC documentation (texi2html) This version 2.2 of gcc port doesn't contain Qnx4 OMF linker and C library. Watcom C 10.6, wlink AND the stack version of library are used to link object files. QSSL and Watcom C headers files are used to build the headers used by gcc. If you need to use -O, -O2 or -O3 gcc option, YOU MUST HAVE LOT'S OF FREE MEMORY. Exemple: 32 Mb of free memory is used to compile "cc1" with "-O2". Jean-Claude MICHOT jcmichot _AT_ Jun 1997, Sep 1999, Paris France